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Brand: Fernox Model: Fernox Anti Freeze Alphi 11
Antifreeze Protector Alphi-11 is a combined antifreeze and inhibitor product, which provides protection against internal corrosion and limescale formation in domestic central heating systems . Antifreeze Protector Alphi-11 is suitable for use with all metals and materials commonly used in heating sy..
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Fernox DS40 Descaler & Cleaner 2kg 62475
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Brand: Fernox Model: Fernox DS40
DS40 Descaler and Cleaner is a fast-acting, citric based acid cleaner which is designed to remove limescale, magnetite, or black sludge and other system contaminants. Ideal for use when powerflushing, it can also be used to descale a heat exchanger or boiler component separately. Supplied with a liq..
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Brand: Fernox Model: FERNOX F3
Neutral cleaner for central heating systems to remove all debris, mud and sediment from existing systems of all ages.Removes mud and rust and restores efficiency to existing systems.Removes residues of cleaning liquids, ointments and other sediments.Compatible with all metals and materials used in h..
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Brand: Fernox Model: Fernox F3
Cleaner to remove sludge, scale and debris from new and existing central heating systems.A heavy duty, pH neutral cleaner which is designed to remove sludge, scale and debris in existing and /or aged systems. It is ideal for use when powerflushing to aid the cleaning process and to restore heating e..
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Brand: Fernox Model: FERNOX POWER CLEANER F8
Neutralized citric acid cleaner for use in very dirty systems with compliance based on the standard BS 7593: 2019.Removes "mud", salts and other corrosion residues.Restores heating efficiency.Compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in heating systems, including aluminum.Easy to use, t..
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Brand: Fernox Model: F3.10L
F3 Powerful liquid alkaline cleaner for floors, tiled walls, worktops, any washable surface in kitchens, catering, slaughterhouses, butchers and food establishments. Ideal for use with automatic machines and presses. Low foaming...
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Brand: Fernox Model: F1 10L
Protector F1 protects against corrosion and limescale formation in light commercial and HVAC heating and cooling systems. This product also provides excellent pH buffering to ensure the system water remains within the optimum pH range to prevent corrosion in mixed-metal systems. Protector F1 is comp..
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Brand: Fernox Model: F9 10L
Protector+ Filter Fluid F9 is an enhanced inhibitor incorporating dispersant technology which provides excellent corrosion protection, limescale inhibition and pH control in HVAC and light commercial heating and cooling systems. Designed for use with one of the Fernox commercial range in-line system..
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Brand: Fernox Model: System Neutraliser 2 litre
The transmission neutralizer is designed to neutralize any acid in the system after cleaning with an acid cleaner, such as the Fernox DS40 Descaler & Cleaner, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations prior to the disposal of liquid waste. The transmission neutralizer of the system also..
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Brand: Delta Model: TF1 Delta
Precisely designed, the Fernox TF1 Delta Filter is a high-quality, nickel-plated, built-in brass system filter specifically designed to protect vital and costly components in commercial, high-volume, low-temperature commercial heating and cooling systems. The TF1 Delta Filter has three filtration me..
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