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System Neutraliser 2 litre

System Neutraliser 2 litre
System Neutraliser 2 litre
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  • Brand: Fernox
  • Model: System Neutraliser 2 litre
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The transmission neutralizer is designed to neutralize any acid in the system after cleaning with an acid cleaner, such as the Fernox DS40 Descaler & Cleaner, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations prior to the disposal of liquid waste. The transmission neutralizer of the system also operates under conditions for the application of anti-corrosion and inhibitory salts.

Neutralizes system water after using DS40 System Descaler & Cleaner

Condition system for the application of anti-corrosion

Ensures compliance with environmental regulations

Easy to use for 2 liter liquid for easy dosing with feed units, or application via T&D tank or dosing container (for sealed systems)

Non-toxic composition

Ensures the safe disposal of acidic residues