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LG Ocean Dualcool S09ET-UA3/S09ET-NSJ

LG Ocean Dualcool S09ET-UA3/S09ET-NSJ
LG Ocean Dualcool S09ET-UA3/S09ET-NSJ
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LG Ocean Dualcool S09ET-UA3/S09ET-NSJ
LG Ocean Dualcool S09ET-UA3/S09ET-NSJ
LG Ocean Dualcool S09ET-UA3/S09ET-NSJ
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  • Brand: LG
  • Model: S09ET-UA3/S09ET-NSJ-1
  • Weight: 33.80kg
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The LG Dualcool range of air conditioners ensures the ideal atmosphere for your sleep, automatically adjusting 2 different settings at the touch of a button thanks to the Comfort Air function which in combination with the 4Way Swing function, expels the air in 4 different directions covering its entire space. room quickly and efficiently. The Auto Cleaning function prevents the creation of bacteria and moisture in the heat exchanger, ensuring a pleasant and healthy environment.

Dual Inverter ™: Fast cooling & Savings

The Inverter compressor constantly adjusts the compressor speed to the desired temperature. In addition, the DUAL Inverter Compressor ™ with its frequency range for energy saving function, saves more than conventional compressors and the air is expelled farther and faster.

Smart ThinQ ™ (Wi-Fi)

Check the condition and functions of the air conditioner anytime, anywhere from a Wi-Fi hotspot and LG's exclusive home appliance control application.

DUAL Inverter Compressor

DUAL Inverter Compressor ™ with 10 years warranty

LG Dual Inverter Compressor. Solves performance and noise problems. It is an air conditioner that cools faster, has a longer lifespan and works even quieter. Thanks to the 10-year compressor warranty, users can enjoy all the benefits of an LG air conditioner for a longer period of time.

Smart Diagnosis

With Smart Diagnosis, users can easily and quickly check their air conditioning settings, possible malfunction and other information from their mobile phone.

Control the energy you consume

With the LG Active Energy Control button, you can adjust the power consumption to three levels (80%, 60%, 40%). At the touch of a button, you can control cooling efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Silent Operation

LG air conditioners operate at a low noise level, thanks to the unique curved blades and LG BLDC motor technology, which eliminate unnecessary noise and ensure smooth operation.

Instant adjustment, Comfort Air

With this option, the blinds of the air conditioner are adjusted to a default position, so that the flowing air is directed away from those present in the room.

Quick and easy installation

LG air conditioners are designed with easy and efficient installation in mind, regardless of the space and the number of people involved in the installation process. So you can install more air conditioners in more homes in less time.

Power consumption screen

Save energy by monitoring its consumption via the smart energy display.