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Brand: Sole Model: 125-1-S200
SOLE SOLAR THERMAL ECO 125-1-S200 SOLAR WATER HEATER 125LT (IN 12 INTEREST-FREE INSTALLMENTS)Solar water heater with selective collector, double energyBoiler capacity 125lt.Selective collector surface 2.00 sq.m.TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS The solar water heaters "Solar ECO" are manufactured with the s..
Ex Tax:632.00€
Brand: Sole Model: 200-2-S150
INSTALLMENTS WITH CARD ONLY IN THE STORESUNFLOWERSolar Water Heaters SOLE - SOLAR HEAT Solar Water HeaterSolar Water Heater SOLAR ECO ECO The well-known solar water heaters "Solar Heater", since 1974, are at the top of the preferences in solar hot water heating systems.200 liters, double energy.spec..
Ex Tax:900.00€
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