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Taff Press Multilayer Φ26 x 3

Taff Press Multilayer Φ26 x 3
Taff Press Multilayer Φ26 x 3
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  • Model: Φ26 x 3
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Technical information

A) Clamping stern made of INOX 304 UNI EN 10204 normalized with special treatment. It bears the stamp "MADE IN ITALY".

B) Plastic inspection ring through which we check if the pipe is installed correctly in the fitting and if the aluminum / brass contact is prevented.

C) O-ring made of ERDM peroxide for drinking water, approved by the ACS directive.

D) Body made of hot forged brass UNI EN 12165 CW617N with steel sandblasting treatment or from normalized brass rods UNI EN 12164 CW614N and lead-free treatment according to the instructions ANSI / NFS61 - external Connected according to the instructions ΕΝ10226-1 (ISO 7/1). It bears the stamp "MADE IN ITALY".

Installation instructions

A) Cut the multilayer pipe perpendicular to its axis using a suitable tool and carefully remove the grease.

B) Calibrate the pipe to restore its circularity, using a suitable tool (scraper) to shape the pipe internally.

C) Before installing the pipe, lubricate the O-rings to ensure maximum elasticity.

D) Insert the hose into the body of the fitting up to the mechanical stop visible towards the hose through the slot in the plastic inspection ring.

E) Select the caliper that corresponds to the diameter and type of profile of the pressing coupling, using the appropriate pressing tool, keeping it perpendicular to the axis of the pipe.