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Mesh Polyethylene Pipe - Tuborama Φ15 x 2.5 mm PE - Xb Heating - Water Supply

Mesh Polyethylene Pipe - Tuborama Φ15 x 2.5 mm PE - Xb Heating - Water Supply
Mesh Polyethylene Pipe - Tuborama Φ15 x 2.5 mm PE - Xb Heating - Water Supply
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  • Brand: fasoplast
  • Model: Σωλήνας Δικτυωμένου Πολυαιθυλενίου
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FASOPLAST Mesh Polyethylene Pipe - PE Tuborama PE - Xb Heating - Water Supply Black Φ15 x 2.5 mm. Packing rolls of 100 meters.

Crosslinked polyethylene (PE-Xb) is a high density polyethylene (HD PE) in which, after chemical treatment, the linear molecules of the polymer combine to form a crosslinked mesh. These bonds give crosslinked polyethylene (PE-Xb) excellent properties.

FASOPLAST company produces high density networked polyethylene pipes with the method of type b silanes through the networking of hydrosilicone in silane. During the production process, a special stabilizer (METAL DEACTIVATOR) is added which protects the pipe from degradation (breakage) due to the presence of metal ions in networks that include metal piping or fittings.


FLEXIBLE The flexible nature of the PE-Xb allows the installer to make small changes in the direction of the pipe by bending it by hand without the use of fittings.

TIR The elasticity provided by the PE-Xb pipe allows it to absorb energy from various increases in system pressure and reduces the possibility of a hydraulic shock.

DURABILITY PE-Xb pipes are more resistant to low temperatures, maintaining their elasticity even at temperatures close to 0οC. They also have high mechanical strength and impact resistance.

EASY TO INSTALL The flexible nature of the PE-Xb makes installation quick and easy. The tubes are available in buns with long lengths, eliminating the need to use many accessories. In addition, the light weight of the pipe helps in its easy transport and use.

DRINKING WATER CERTIFICATION The material is non-toxic and therefore does not alter the taste of the water.


Transportation of drinking water.

Hot and cold water transfer.

Central heating networks.

Transfer of hot water to solar water heaters.