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Amber air conditioners series

Gree's top proposition for energy savings and excellent performance even in the most adverse conditions. Heating even at -30oC and cooling even at 52oC, thanks to the unique 2-Stage compressor technology, the flagship of Gree compressors! Top technologies, low consumption and unsurpassed performance for an ideal climate for your space all year round with the quality and reliability of the # 1 air conditioner manufacturer in the world! With more than 70,000 patents and 15,000 specialist R&D engineers, Gree is at the forefront of air conditioning technology, with 1 in 3 air conditioners sold worldwide manufactured in its factories. The Amber series brings state-of-the-art technologies and advanced features:

3D Swing Air Flow

Thanks to the possibility of horizontal and vertical adjustment of the movement of the blinds, an even distribution of air in the air-conditioned space is achieved, resulting in maximum comfort. Create in your space the feeling of the natural cool wind! Thanks to this movement of the blinds in both directions, and optimal operation of the air conditioner.

Air Purification Filters

Ensure a safe and healthy environment in your space. Fairy air conditioners are equipped with a high density Pre Filter that retains dust particles and pollen, offering fresh air in the room. It has additional sophisticated filters that will upgrade the air quality in your space by removing most harmful particles and reducing the risk of allergies:

Triple Action Filter 3 in 1:

Silver Ion: Advanced silver ion filter for sterilization against bacteria and to remove unpleasant odors.

Catechin: Catechin filter. Catechin is an antioxidant derived from green tea leaves and can eliminate aggravating factors and germs.

Antibacterial Filter: Antibacterial filter against bacteria.

Active Carbon Filter: The activated carbon filter can effectively absorb pet odors, smoke and other unpleasant odors

Photocatalytic Filter: The photocatalytic filter is able to completely oxidize and decompose organic pollutants. It can effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses and unpleasant odors.

Function I feel

Thanks to the I feel function, the air conditioner adjusts the room temperature based on the indication of the remote control and not the thermostat that is integrated in the air conditioner. In this way, the quality of the air conditioning in the space is optimized so that you can enjoy pleasant and ideal conditions, specially adapted to your space.

2 Stage Compressor

Gree's advanced 2-stage compressor achieves fewer power losses and excellent performance even in extreme ambient temperatures. Thanks to the unique patented design of the second chamber, the compression of the coolant is done in 2 stages, achieving a higher operating pressure. After the compression in the first stage the refrigerant is enriched again and enters the second compression stage where it ends in the final state of high pressure. This translates into increased efficiency in both heating and cooling but also in a significantly wider operating range: heating up to -30oC and cooling down to + 52oC with really top performance, but also exemplary smooth operation with lower noise and vibration, for excellent levels comfort and reliability

Manufacture of Blue Fins

The special construction of Blue Fins in the indoor and outdoor unit, provides additional anti-corrosion protection in the air conditioner, and allows installation even in the most difficult places where corrosion is a common phenomenon.

Wi - Fi

Thanks to the Wifi function, you can adjust your air conditioner via your mobile phone or tablet wherever you are, saving energy and ensuring the ideal conditions in your space in time.

Cold Air Preservation function

The air conditioner starts operating on the heating with a small delay of 1-5 minutes to first heat the copper pipe so that cold air does not come out of the air conditioner. This prevents the introduction of cold air during the start of operation of the air conditioner, so as not to create conditions of discomfort to the user.

Premium Design

Uniquely elegant and modern design with hidden LED screen with indications for the operation of the air conditioning unit.

Turbo mode for rapid heating or cooling

The air conditioner operates at a high frequency when starting the Turbo mode and thus achieves very fast cooling or space heating.

Innovative technologies

Sleep mode: Fluctuates or keeps the temperature constant by saving energy during the night, for optimal comfort conditions during sleep.

Heating at -20oC: The outdoor unit can operate on heating even at an outdoor temperature of -20oC.

Intelligent Defrosting: Defrosting is performed only when necessary and not on a pre-determined time, to reduce energy consumption and a more comfortable environment.

Self-diagnosis: Troubleshooting is very easy through the self-diagnosis system.

Dehumidification Mode: Thanks to this function you can reduce the humidity level of the room.

Automatic restart: After a power failure the unit restarts automatically in the default settings.

Timer: Specifies the start time, operation type and shutdown time.

7 operating speeds: Precisely adjust the desired volume of the air conditioner thanks to the 7 operating scales.

Heating at -30oC and cooling to +52 oC: The outdoor unit can operate on heating even at -30oC, and cooling even at +52 oC

Timer: Specifies the start time, operation type and shutdown time.

Remote control lock: Lockable for child protection.

Ionizer with Cold Plasma Cleaning Technology

This advanced air quality technology is based on an advanced Gree ionizer that in combination with a series of multiple air filters effectively sterilizes the air, neutralizing bacteria, while also having additional deodorizing properties and activating the negative ions of the atmosphere, giving a beautiful feeling freshness.