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Sole Eurostar 200-2T-175 Double Energy Glass

Sole Eurostar 200-2T-175 Double Energy Glass
Sole Eurostar 200-2T-175 Double Energy Glass
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Sole Eurostar 200-2T-175 Double Energy Glass
Sole Eurostar 200-2T-175 Double Energy Glass
Sole Eurostar 200-2T-175 Double Energy Glass
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  • Brand: Eurostar
  • Model: 200-2T-175
  • Weight: 108.00kg
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Solar Water Heaters SOLE - Eurostar Solar Water Heater

Normal Height Solar Water HeatersEurostar: Innovative solar water heaters with high efficiency and lifespan. The EUROSTAR solar water heater is designed and built with the main goal of ensuring high efficiency and long life.


The new copper selective titanium collector with the highest degree of efficiency, continuously provides hot water even in the most difficult weather conditions. The advanced materials used in its construction and the attention to every detail, ensure its perfect operation for a lifetime.


EUROSTAR solar water heaters are manufactured according to the international quality assurance standard ISO 9001-2008 and are controlled by the international standard

ISO / DP9459-2.


The collector is certified with EN 12975-1-2 for its performance and for its reliability. In addition, the whole system of the solar water heater is certified according to the European standard EN 12976-1-2.


The EUROSTAR solar water heater and its collectors have been distinguished separately, as they have been awarded the European quality mark Solar Keymark.


Boiler Technical Characteristics

1. Outdoor housing made of stainless steel INOX or electrostatic painted steel (with high temperature lamination) for unlimited life.

2. Strong insulation of cast ecological polyurethane 5-7 cm. density 40 kg / m3. (Thermal insulation coefficient 0.019 kcal / m / h / ° C ensures the consumer to keep hot water even on the coldest nights of winter.

3. The scientifically designed closed circuit sheath ensures the largest possible heat exchange surface and therefore the fastest heating of water to a very high temperature.

4. Boiler made of European 3mm steel sheet, for long life and resistance to pressures. Internal protection from glass (enamel - at temperatures of 860 ° C) for protection against hard water.

5. Anodic protection with magnesium rod against electrolysis.

6. Electric resistance 4kW, for hot water even with cloudy.

7. Double contact safety thermostat, with additional safety thermostat for protection against overheating.


• Simple Installation on Tiles

With its special bases, EUROSTAR is placed on the tiles without punctures and breaks (even on already finished roofs) in a minimum time.

• Adjustable Tilt

Its special manifold allows EUROSTAR to change inclination from (18 ° -22 ° -35º-40 °) depending on operating conditions for even greater efficiency.

• Also connected to radiators

Collector Technical Characteristics

1. Collector frame from specially designed cast aluminum profile, treated with electrostatic oven paint, without seams, screws, etc., for absolute tightness.

2. Copper hydroskeleton, simple (non selective) or selective (Titanium-blue) with copper or aluminum sheets that ensure a uniform absorbent surface and incredibly high performance even in the worst weather conditions.

3. Strong insulation with 40 mm thick stone wool (50 kg / m3) in the back and 20 mm in the side walls of the collector reduce to a minimum the heat losses, contributing to the high efficiency.

4. Low iron securit prismatic glass, 4mm thick - unbreakable with high permeability.

5. Special EPDM tires for absolute sealing.

6. A special propylene glycol thermal liquid circulates in the hydroskeleton of the absorber, achieving rapid heat dissipation and perfect protection against frost.