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Brand: Rehau Model: Σωλήνα Γαλβανιζέ Ελαφριού Τύπου
Galvanized Light Type Pipe (Yellow) 1/2 "Inch, with wall thickness 2.0mm.Hot-dip galvanized steel iron pipe 1/2 "Inch, light type (Yellow), with screwed ends and socket.Length: 6 meters.Outer diameter: 21.3mm.Wall thickness: 2.0mm.Theoretical Weight: 0.859 kgr / m.Tags: light 1/2 inch yellow galvani..
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Brand: Rehau Model: Rehau Rautitan Stabil
Rehau Multilayer Pipe Rautitan Stabil 16.2 x 2.6 mm Multi-purpose roll 100m.StandardsMultipurpose pipe REHAU RAUTITAN stabil (multilayer) for the installation of drinking water and heating.Aluminum-coated polyethylene connecting pipe (PE − X / AI / PE) according to DIN 16892, DIN EN 573−3 and DVGW w..
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